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2000-11-15 19:50:00 (UTC)

Faith, I guess I left out a..

I guess I left out a few things about myself in the first entry
(which was about like 10 minutes ago). So here's some intersesting
fasts about me (if you would call them interesting):
1. I'm in band and I play the flute.
2. I can speak Spanish
3. I'm an oreo (I'm mixed with black and white. Trish [if you haven't
read my first entry, that's my mom] is white and Odell [that's my
dad] is black)
4. I'm into witchcraft. Actually I think it's interseting and I'm in
a Coven (if you would call it that). Actually it's just a group of
friends of mine that we became blood sisters after watching The
Craft. I think I'm the only one who's truely interested in it because
everyone else just thinks it's "cool". I think of it more as a
religion. I was into it very deeply once before. The other girls that
are in it are: Charlyn (my cousin), Yasi (my other cousin), and
Brittany. Charlyn is the oldest out of all 4 of us. I'm the second
oldest, Yasi the third, and Brittany the youngest.
5. I write poems.
Here's a few poems of mine that I wrote:
I try to forget all the lies you told.
But from the depths within they behold.
You make me yet so upset.
I don't think about living, but only death.
You always run to me when you have no one to turn to.
Am I just a back-up person to you?
You tell me you like me
Do you even know what that means?
Obviously you don't, or to me it seems.
Everyone told me to say no more.
But to them I sadly just ignore.
All you have caused me is anger and pain.
To you I must be just some little game.
And when you told me the biggest lie,
All it did was make me cry.
I sadly knew it wasn't tru.
What you said was "I love you."

When I wrote that poem, I was thinking about my 5 time in one month
boyfriend. I really don't wanna say his real name, so I'll say his
name is Kenny. Here's another poem that I wrote when I was thinking
about Kenny before me and him started going out.

~*You're Not Mine*~
I see you there looking at me
Wonderin how it's gonna be
You're lookin at me again
Then you turn to your girlfriend
You flirt with me, I flirt with you
There's better things that we could do
I want you to see
Boy, why can't you be with me?

I wrote that not knowing that me and Kenny would go out 5 times in
one month. Well we did go out and now it doesn't seem as if we will
ever go out again. I'm working on a new poem. It takes me a while to
come up with one because I take my time. I don't want to have a
writers block so I write maybe one or two lines a day. Well enough of
that boring rubbish about me. After reading all this stuff about me,
you probably think that I'm nothing but a person who wants to act all
mature and everything. Well that's not tru. I have two sides to me.
There's a poem writing and book reading side and then there's a
party, hang out with my friends and boyfriend and do bad things like
a teenager should do side. No one knows about my poem writing side
because they would think it wasn't cool and my popularity would be
sitting on the line if they found that out. I forgot one other thing.
I love to sing. I can sing pretty good. I'm not trying to boast about
it or anything, but it's tru. Well I gotta go. I have to go practice
my flute. We have a Christmas concert coming up on December 5th, and
even though it's only November 15th, us flutes have a solo and I
wanna be able to be the best flute out there. Right now I have 7th
chair in band out of about 20 or 21 chairs. That's pretty good. Well
bye now!