Lost Slut
2001-11-23 07:26:31 (UTC)


i went out with my brother a gay club again..i
had a hard time..i had my ass patted four times..i had my
penis grabed twice..and a phone book of phone
brother wanted me to flirt so that we could get free
drinks..well it worked..but at the cost of me being treated
as a peice of meat..god is this what girls go through?? i
mean i have been one of those guys buying the drinks..i
know what they are thinking..but my door has an exit sign
on was just weird to be on that side of it..i did
get to dance with a few ladies..well..some of them had
bigger forearms than i did...i did have a guy massage my
shoulder..that felt good..he told me he would have been the
first to take me..i laughed..we were playing
brother whanted him..he said he would put him face guess it goes back to the basic' is miss you mistress i know your having a
great time..just wish i was there..