my life
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2001-11-23 07:07:39 (UTC)


well, I had a really hard time waking up this morning. I
was up so late last night and I worked a total of almost 18
hours yesterday. My grandma tried waking me up around 9:30
to so I could get my room ready for company, but I was way
tooo sleepy to even open my eyes. Grandma started getting
really upset with me, especially because my room was kinda
messy, so she started pulling the sheets off my bed while I
was still trying to sleep. In doing that, she found the
Nora Robert's book I have been reading off and on, "Sacred
Sins." I hoped she did not notice it. I kind of pushed it
under a pillow and she pulled the pillow off. she
said, "You don't have to hide your sex book, I see it." I
tried telling her it was not a sex book, but a mystery
book. I don't know if she believed me, though. She called
my mom to tell on ,e for not waking up. I told her that if
she worked for 18 hours yesterday then she would be tired
too, but she said she probably wouldn't be. whatever. I
finally got up and cleaned my room then went back to bed
around noon. I did not even hear everyone come over.
somehow I managed to wake up right before thanksgiving
dinner (which was at 2:00) and stay awake for the rest of
the day. I went to work at 4:00 and worked till about 9:15.
Now I am finally talking to that 1st guy I met in the city
where I am moving too. I don't know why but I missed
talking yo him and could not resist the urge to im him. I
am talking to him now. Anyways I will end this now because
I have to be at work at 10 am.

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