lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-11-23 06:40:30 (UTC)

year in review

haha ok that last one led me to write this, cuz this has
been on my mind several times lately.

this year has been WEIRD and a half!! i did all these
things, and then they got undone. orrr something.

i became like tightest bestest friends w/ zach, and now we
haven't talked for a month.

i told joe how i felt and everyone else spread the word to
me that good news was coming, and then he shot me down with
the oldest line in the book.

i got my bellybutton pierced and now it's gone.

i started running again, lost a few pounds, got faster, and
then got a syndrome & haven't run for a month.

i got healthy again, but now i'm mentally insane.

i played cupid for everyone else and then stupidly let
people help me out, which caused more problems

i grew my hair out and then cut it...but i do that every

i made friends w/ a few good guys but somehow confusion
resulted every time and i'm NEVER on the same level as any
given guy, ya know??

i dunno what my point is exactly, but i guess i feel
like this year didn't even need to happen. i have learned
a lot, but i wish i didn't know any of it, ya know? i wish
i was naive and aaaahhhhhg.

mm but chris kattan's bestest character is on right now & i
love it!! he's sooo funny. ahh life might be ok.