Finding my Light
2001-11-23 05:56:55 (UTC)

Moving On

Well today is Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a nice
day with their families. I know I did. It went very well
until my old friend, Kyle, came to visit my sister and me
with his friend Ryan. I feel so-o bad about him. I can
tell tat he likes me a great deal and I've been trying to
get to stop. I must say it's kind of my fault for a little
bit of it though. We did have a little fling together one
of the times I came to Lake Havasue, but that isn't the main
reason why he likes me the way he does.
It's because during one of the times I was here after
our little fling he was going through a really though time
with his mother to whom is devorsed to his father. She
moved and Kyle was having a hard time adjusting to living
with one of his friends. Of course I supported him in
anyway I could. I even let him cry on my shoulder a few
times to help him let it out. I fear though my kindness
towards him did more then just support him through some hard
times. I think now he has grown an attachment to me.
The past three times I came here I tried to make it
clear without really hurting him that I didn't like him the
way he liked me, but I don't think he ever got the picture.
Now I told him that I had a boyfriend and that i cared for
Brandon with all my heart (which I do). I could tell he was
a little upset with the news. It was for his own good
though. The strange thing was that he has a girlfriend now,
but I can still see the attraction in his eyes towards me.
I'm not going to worry about it too much now though.
I'm hoping his new girlfriend will show him that he needs to
keep his emotions in check. I believe she will.
I miss my boyfriend though. I have a hard time staying
still when I haven't seen or talked to him. If we stay
togather until the spring I'm going to bring him here
sometime before he moves to Thousand Oaks. I hope he
doesn't move until the end of high school. I know I'm being
selfish, but I just don't want him to go.