The Fool's Journey
2001-11-23 05:54:24 (UTC)

The Journey

Life is man's greatest adventure. Most people sets out a
goal in life and take the journey best-suited towards
reaching that goal, that final destination. Goals are easy
to set- from something as typical as having a successful
and high-profile career to one as far flung as being a
movie superstar. Still, they can be quite easily spelled
out, though whether you achieve it or not is another thing
altogether. And they design the journey to reach that goal,
or in other words, this approach to living life is the goal-
driven one.
And then, there are the other kind of people that chooses
the journey instead of the destination. This type of people
forgo the specific goals in life- yet they have an
immaculate ability to live life quite possibly to a fuller
extent than their goal-driven counterparts. They are the
ones that go plunging headlong along that dusty road or
those that find themselves in virgin forest trying to find
their way back to civilization. They are most likely
instinct-driven, living life for the moment and acting in
the moment. And often, these are the people that finds the
new continents and they are the ones that uncover the new
and exciting ideas- for you never know where you'll end up
in the journey if you are not specifically heading
somewhere. The greatest adventure is life itself and as in
any other adventure, the curiousity to explore and the
attraction of a new adventure certainly overrides any
intention of a specific destination. Probably they would
reach somewhere, a destination or not, but in the final
analysis we question- which is more worthwhile having, the
journey or the destination?