Schmarmish Blaffle
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2001-11-23 05:45:11 (UTC)

Ooh! My *juicy* love life!

Current mood- tierd
Current music- nothing, because I'm too lazy to reach all
the way over to the mouse and hit the winamp button.

So. I finally told my friends about Crush Boy. Which is all
well and good- because two of them like him too. Hmm...
that could get interesting... Me and Bekah have taken to
giggling at inopertune moments, such as when the class is
completely silent, and whenever we see him in the hallway.
Maybe sometime he'll wonder why there is that incessant
giggling all the time, and look around and see us... oh
well. It's not like anything'll happen.
But on to other things- actually, that's pretty much it.
One sad little blob of self pity and nothingness. Meh. Jen
made us brownies today. They were good.

marley, who really has nothing to say.