Mostly My Problems
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2001-11-23 05:34:04 (UTC)


Well like every year it started out slow, family I really
don't know showing up and staying forever and my boyfriend
off with his family. I wish it could have been different
because I wanted so badly to spend Thanksgiving with the
one person I could truly talk too. I love Yoseff My one
true love. He's cute, mildly sweet and very stubborn. But
he cares more for me then anyone I know. Anyway, I got up
at about 9 am this morning (Very early on my behalf)I had
Promised Yoseff I'd take him to his sisters house in
Kingsburg, I mean I was going there anyway I had to go to
Blockbuster and take back "The Grinch" Which I was mildly
disappointed with. Kingsburg is a mere 25 minute long
drive. 20 minutes into the drive I discover I forgot the
movie and had to Turn back. Me and Yoseff have a laugh and
head back home. I get back home and my mom makes me stay.
So I had to break a promise with Yoseff. I felt horrible I
cryed.I told him I was sorry but I could tell he was hurt.
I still don't know why my mom wouldn't let me start back to
Kingsburg but it sure made me mad.I was stranded alone and
crying with a bunch of Family I haven't talked to in 7
years and there load 7 year old daughter that never stopped
talking. I needed a break once they left. So now I made
this diary as an act of relaxation. I really did eat a lot
today which was weird becaue i usually don't so I guess I'm
going to be starting a serious diet soon.