Light Eyes M77

Can't Keep Me Down
2001-03-28 05:24:55 (UTC)

I m so tired of all this..

I'm so tired of all this Bullshit. I'm not 17 years old
anymore, i don't go round looking for fights and I don't
have time for all this petty caca.

This would be the 3rd time in a year that I've been jumped
by groups of guys for little or no reason. I'm no fool, i
know what provokes things and what doesn't. The whole "you
said this about my cousin" crap was just an excuse cause
these gutless muthaf**kers never liked me. I was always a
threat to them, I'd put it down to jealousy - thats what
this is all about. They see me having fun, talking to lots
of people, being loud and out there... and always with
different women. These poofters shake my hand when i walk
past and make conversation with me when i'm around, then
when there is a group of them, they turn on me and f**k me
over. F**king peasants!

But enough is enough, I've been over the whole scene for
awhile now, and this was just the last straw. I hate having
to worry that there are at least 5 or 6 different sets of
people that are looking to bust my ass again for some lame
f**king reason. I always had people chasing me, i got used
to it, but I'n outta this adolescent shit now and its time
it all died off.

I just hope all of this doesn't riccochet back onto my
boys. I'm beginning to wonder if they were there the whole
time while this was happening.... But I'm lucky i was
bailed out by the bouncer...

This puts Me n Jules in a real difficult situation, she is
like their little sister n I'm the enemy and I'm seeing
her... i want to let her go so i can totally wipe all of
this shit clean - but she's such a sweety, and I'd hate to
break her heart.

I need to get away...... and not come back for a loooong
time. Thats what i;d like right now.

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