le soleil et la lune
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2001-11-23 05:13:44 (UTC)

an orginal title:turkey day

So amazingly enough, my thanksgiving wasn't a total war
like I thought it was going to be. We actually all ate
together, and we even got along at the table!!!! Still, it
was depressing. I think about the fact that my Papa is
back in the hospital with pnuemonia and they can't seem to
get rid of it, that my granny and my godmother went out to
thanksgiving dinner together like they are both widows,
that my when I asked my dad if me and Aimee could come see
him today he started making excuses, and when I asked if
Aimee could spend the night the bullshit really started to
pile on. I'm sad because my mom and I were supposed to go
christmas shopping together when I got back from dropping
Aimee at my granny's, but she decided that she wasn't going
to go after all, and then she said she didn't want to stay
home and watch a movie like I asked her to b/c she was
going out with Jerry. She told Wyman that she was going
shopping with Ella, one of her friends from work. I'm sad
because Amanda had such a horrible day, and I didn't even
know until now, midnight when it is too late to call her.
I'm sad because Elizabeth and Gary came over to eat our
left over Thanksgiving meal and watch Castaway with us, and
in the process I had to listen to the tales about Katrina's
(so sad, I can't even spell my cousin's name)current
boyfriend, and the last 20 she had, and how she managed to
get down to 108 pounds, and how she and elizabeth have one
night a week set aside for them to do something, and she
and Gary have one night a week set aside, and I don't have
that. I'm sad because this year I'm doing my own Christmas
shopping and my mom is just going to reimburse me and wrap
it. I'm sad because Tiffani is worried about her boyfriend
leaving to go to Florida, but she doesn't know how nice it
is to have one, and a few other guys that are just tripping
over themselves to be with her. I'm sad because I LOOK
FORWARD to going to work just because I know that someone
like Cory will be there to pick me up when I feel like shit.

And I'm STILL confused as to when everyone started getting
all buddy-buddy with Amber again! One day everyone is
either annoyed by her or swears they hate her, and then the
next day they act like she's a saint. I don't understand.
Yet, I still hear people talking shit about her. I mean,
there is absolutely nothing wrong with everyone being her
friend again, but I would like to know what the hell
happened. I mean, I feel really left out. Can someone
please clue me the hell in so I can STOP being confused
about the whole social aspect of my life and start focusing
on other aspects of it?

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