Revalations of a hippie
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2001-11-23 04:40:00 (UTC)


Hope everyone had a good day, my day has been trial and
tribulations, but since when has my life EVER been easy.
SOoo I agreeded stupidly to housesit my freinds house here
in the woods and since she went to hawaii I am dealing with
pumping water and diverting water from the trailer that she
lives on. This is a lady who bought a peice of property
that had no electricity or water and left for hawaii in the
middle of a storm. I hate myself for being soo weak and not
being able to say no, the fact is I don't like to disapoint
people, I'm afraid to be rejected soo I always
agree...stupid huh? And soo I'm on this piece of land in a
HUGE storm, I have asmatic broncontis yet I'm walking
around in the rain getting soaked because Its either no
water and electricity or just do it.....(sighs) I'm such a
whiner and yet I feek I have just cause to do so. soo now
its thanks giving and I come home to a dirty ass house and
a mom who thinks I should clean the house and cook, its not
fair that I'm the cinderella of the family, because I quit
college and don't have a exact career plan, my sister, the
only one I have is a spoiled bratty jap. (jewish american
princess) she comes here to a clean house and food and
proceds to be all snotty and high and mighty to me, her
older sister, I'm 24 and don't need to be haranged about my
lifestyle, she comes here and both my parents moon over her
and act like she's soo bright, like making college is a
feat, to me it was alot harder to survive out of school
then in and the only reason I quit was because my car and
place of living both bottomed out on me, and left me on my
ass and I work soo hard trying to figure things out and all
I do is eat shit from my parents and it really sucks....I
know alot of people can relate but why do I feel so alone
and misrable.....my only condolence is my semi-used new car
and my faith in my freinds and spirit above....I appreciate
being alive and having family in a time of uncertain perils,
my life I'm sure would be gladly exchanged for one of the
victims of september 11th tragedy....but at least all our
eyes are open now AND WE KNOW BUSH ISN'T HELPING...but god
will previal......john lennon--ALL WE ARE SAYING__IS GIVE
PEACE A CHANCE!!! happy thanks giving and peace to all the
world. NIGHT YA'LL