Cocooned in Misery
2001-11-23 04:37:04 (UTC)

Typeing of the dead

A rose.
Reminds me of midnight. She is so beautiful, so amazing, I
love her so much. My hart fills with love when I am with
her. Being with her on the couch talking to her on the
phone, holding her at the bookstore, I could not think of
happier moments in my life. A band member came over today
and we played a little till family came out and told us to
shut up and come eat. At the table no one said much just
stuffing there faces. After like 5 min. I left. Took a walk
to the store to find it was closed.. err.. I told the
passing people how I felt about my day. I have someone now
taking to me on the phone and I cant talk and wright about
my day so I might be back.. Take care all.. I love you