*Rock Star*

In the head of a band-aid...
2001-11-23 04:27:44 (UTC)

I have a little time... only a little though...

Hello, it is turkey day, am getting ready for a trip to
Atlanta on Nov. 30 th. I am also getting ready to go to
Church with Val from SparkleDrive on Dec 2nd. I am going
back to work at P$A on Dec 3rd. I can wait! Me and
Michael are having a few hard times, but we will
survive... I am so proud of the new FS album, those are my
guys! My other friend, Brian, got accepted into a band, he
is just awesome, has taught me how to play a few songs on
the guitar. He is kinda cute too, he actually went to
school with Brandin from Flickerstick! The school has
superstar water or something. Everyone of my friends are
amazing. I love them all. I cant wait to go to church
with her, that is one of the few things I wish I could go
do on a reg basis. I am almost done with my temp stint...
It has been fun, It has paid bills. But now I must move
on. I am happy with my return to P$A.. I will get to see
Michael on a daily basis again, for he too works there, he
is a business guy, doing taxes all day long. I must sign
off now. Hopefully will talk to you before my trip. If
not, wish me and the guys in Flickerstick luck!
I did get a new phone, cell that is. It is a Samsung
Uproar. Look it up, it is exspensive, but it is AWESOME!

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