My Boring Messed Up Life
2001-11-23 04:25:18 (UTC)

Hey Hey~I m back Im so bored...

Hey Hey~I'm back
Im so bored. There is nothing to do cuz its like 11:30. I
should go to bed but I dont want to. Anyways I talked to
Kris a little while ago. I didn't know he was so mad at
Heather. He is like going to explode on her lol. Anyways
you know what really bugs me is that everyone always says
me and Kris look so cute together. He is one of my best
friends, that would be like saying me and my brother look
cute together.... YUCK! We did go out before though in 7th
grade when we were liitle and dumb lol That seems so long
ago. I wish I was a little kid again, then I wouldn't have
to worry about everything. Anyways I probably should go and
go to sleep.
Later Gator

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