Sarah's Thoughts
2001-11-23 03:58:41 (UTC)


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!! Well today was great i
didn't go to bed til 6 in the morning cause i was at an all
night skate party at skateland. Man was i tired, i didn't
get up til 2 in the afternoon. So i had to hurry up and get
already and we went over to my grandparents house. We
wathed the lions lose so now they are 0-10 can u believe
that. Dang they really suck at football, lol. Well after
that wonderful game we had our thanksgiving dinner, which
was about to surprise me instead of cooking turkey my
grandma cooked ham. I was so upset, i didn't get turkey for
thanksgiving :-( But other then that everything was great.
And i got to have my fave dessert pecan pie, yum yum! But i
just got home and i'm all tired and stuff so i'm off to bed,
nighty night.