Morbid Angel

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2001-11-23 03:45:04 (UTC)

Gobble Gobble Goo Gobble Gobble Giggle

I hate family holidays. Most of my family is pretty cool
thank god, but my aunt is a friggin wacko. First of all,
she is in her late 40's and has spikey hair, thanksgiving
socks and made NAME TAGS for our places at the dinner
table. And printed pictures of us on them to make it
worse. I wanted to drown myself in the gravy.. which I was
almost successful at. Almost being the key word.

Now I will bitch about Chris and his follies. Why can't
the boy do ANYTHING he says he is going to do. He is
taking care of my dog while we are in St. Pete for the
night and if he goes out and gets all f-ed up and leaves
tristan alone all night, I will be PISSED, tristan is the
puppy mind you. he is so irresponsbile and immature when
it comes to real life. his parents ALWAYS bail him out,
it's unreal, he doesn't have to do anything by himself,
someone is always there to do it for him. i am guilty by
helping him some too, but mainly it's to save my ass as
well. we've been together 9 months now and a few days ago,
he comes out and tells me that he wants to marry me... not
now,but he totally sees himself marrying me in the future.
I freaked! well i didn't let him know that of course,
since i Knew it took alot out of him to actually say
something like that (he never says anything sweet and then
he busts out with that he has visions of us married and
having kids?!) but jesus, i sat there and have been
thinking about it a lot lately and as much as I love him, I
odn't really see myself with him together "forever" unless
he grows up and takes on some responsibility. and he knows
that is a condition that i want in a boyfriend! so whats
this husband shit? i have no idea. we were talking about
him traveling with the band n shit and how i don't feel
that we could stay together through that but im going to
enjoy the time that we have now, and he blurts out, "but
what if you had a husband that would come home to you 100%
faithful?" after i cleaned up the massive mess I created
in my pants, I just stuttered over some words and made some
excuse that i had to shower... talk about running from
things. but i am not even 20 yet (2 months, yeah!) and i
don't wanna think about that type of stuff, i don't wanna
get married at all really. just "living together" would
satisfy me, but who knows how things will turn out. Now
that I have turned into some bulemic model babbling about
her man troubles, I think I will go stuff my face with some
of grandma's cookies.

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