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2001-11-23 03:26:56 (UTC)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today was a pretty good day!!! I got to see some of my
family that I don't see very often and I got to drive my
cousin's convertable, which was awesome (but with Lori
anything is awesome). Everyone says we are so much alike,
I just hope my life turns out as awesome as her's has. She
is happily married and living in Florida enjoying teaching
music to elementary students. I would love to end up as
happy as she is, that would be awesome. One thing that
scared us all today was that my uncle flipped the four
wheeler on top of him after falling about 12 ft off a bank
to the branch while he and my brother were out scouting for
their hunting grounds. My brother was so shaken up by
everything cause he stood there and watched my uncle fall
like a ragdoll to the ground then see the four wheeler land
on top of him. He is okay but my brother said he was lucky
to be alive, but he will be hurting in the morning. We
decorated the tree at my Mama Bertie's then came home and
decorated the tree here...I'm so excited about Christmas,
but I just wish something would make it better. I guess I
get to spend another Christmas alone (I've only spent one
in the arms of another....last year in NH with Nick). I still look
forward to the cold weather and seeing most of my family (a break
from school doesn't hurt either).

Well I actually should be working on my Physics Lab Report
so I'm going to go now...I might write back later on
tonight!!!! Have a good one!!!