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2001-11-23 03:23:46 (UTC)


Urbana Hawks, Ijamsville, MD..Freredrick County(10-0)
Seneca Valley Screamin' Eagles, Germantown, MD..Montgomery
County (10-0)

Urbana hopes to extend its State-record win streak to 49.
The record was held by Seneca Valley with 42.


Honestly I truly, TRULY believe that. This to me is like
hearing Long Beach Poly playing National monsters
DeLaSalle! (which eventually happened :-) )

But what does this mean to a Northwest Jaguar?
As a Northwest Jaguar, and I speak on behalf of my fellow
buddies in 1999... This "Game of The Century" to us is
like Stone Cold vs the Undertaker..you like em cus theyre
good and they got all the media, but you hate em cus
they'd fight you. Northwest will have to be Kurt Angle
with his three I's and will watch these two beat on each
other and beat on them harder when they fall.

Here's some history... In 1999, our "BIG PAYBACK" season,
The Jags were coming off a 2-8 inaugural welcome in
Montgomery County. The Jags were 2A Montgomery County
Champs and had a glimpse of the playoffs that year.
We were happy with a 9-2 turnaround.
Those two loses, were no ordinary loses...
They were from Chris Kelley-led Seneca Valley and Zack
Mills-led Urbana.
Those two teams eventually went undefeated and won States.

If you still didn't know....in 1999, about 80% of the
Northwest players played in the Seneca Valley squad before
Northwest opened. (I graduated from Northwest, but I live
less than a mile from Seneca Valley). So it always makes
the game against Seneca Valley to the Jags a VERY BITTER

Urbana, on the other hand, is taking away the Montgomery
County pride! Although Mo'County still is a playoff
powerhouse, Urbana's appearance makes their city and
county look pretty strong... AND MONTGOMERY FOOTBALL DONT
LIKE THAT!!! they already beat Seneca Valley's win streak
and they are looking forward to extending that to 49 come
Friday night..and 50 when they win States...YES, WE WANT

How nice would it be for Seneca Valley to show THEYRE BACK
and that Urbana's hype was nothing???
How nice would it be for Urbana to show who's the next
king in the state and step on Seneca Valley enroute to

These two teams are teams you love to hate because they
are just sooo succesful.
We are bitter-rivals with Seneca Valley (because many of
our ALUMS had ties to that school...and since we live very
much close there), and Urbana taking us out of the
playoffs and a possible trip to Byrd was a heart breaker
too, for that, we're bitter against them as well!

Honestly, I have no idea whom to root for. This is going
to be the best high school football game I'm gonna see in
my entire life! What better in my backyard!
I'm gonna cheer the winning team and taunt the losing
team...that's pretty much how it's gonna go. We're gonna
watch one fall, and like the buzzard..we're going to see
weakness and take it out when we meet one of these guys.

This game will be a close defensive battle. Team with less
mistakes win...Team with most key plays win.. If they keep
on playing at a high level..they can win it all...
Urbana 24 Seneca Valley 14

P.S. I still dont like Montgomery Marty

Seneca Valley 42-Northwest 13 *SV's homecoming game
Urbana 45-Northwest 7 - first round of the playoffs