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2001-11-23 03:18:06 (UTC)

The Harry Potter Movie

*WARNING - Does contain spoilers for the movie. If you
haven't seen it yet and don't want it to be spoiled, avoid
this entry at all costs, mm-kay?*


Uh... heh heh. I just went to see the Harry Potter movie. They
pronounced Voldemort wrong, in case you didn't pick up on that. And
they pronounced Rubeus wrong (It's Ru-bay-us, not Ru-bee-us), and
Diagon(DI-A-gon, not DI-a-GON), and plenty of other stuff too.

And what was UP with the sorting? Granger, Weasley, Malfoy, Bones,
and Potter - in that order. Do WB writers not know their alphabet

And how Quirrell died. In the book, I believe Dumbledore mentions
that he dies, but it's not 'onscreen', and Harry definitely didn't
do it. In the movie - I hate WB for giving it that ending.

And James looks WAY too old. If I did my math right, ((which I always
do ~wink~)) Lily and James should be about 31 - 32. James looked
about 40 - 45. That sucks.

And Voldemort ... He was definitely ugly, but not scary. Although
that did look pretty creepy on the whole. . . . You know what I just
thought of? Voldemort looks vaguely like Steven Tyler. Hmm. Now
THAT'S scary.

And they only had ONE Quidditch match. But that one was very cool.
Except it looked VERY rubbery in some spots. But better than I
expected it to be.

And Oliver's accent . . . ~drool~ I'm gonna find sound clips of him,
and I'm gonna download them, and I'm gonna play them on a continuous

Dumbledore was blah. Richard Harris looked too... serious. Dumbledore
seems like he'd walk around with the ^_^ eyes all the
times. But he didn't. And in some scenes it looked like he didn't
even HAVE any eyes.

Hagrid was cool. I'm still having trouble comprehending the idea of
a 'cool' Hagrid. Robbie Coltrane's an awesome actor.

Quirrell . . . um. I HATE Ian Hart, but I couldn't stop giggling when
he came bursting into the Great Hall. 'Troll! In the dungeon!'
~Silence. (Everyone's thinking 'This guy's a moron')~ 'Just thought
you'd like to know....' ~flop~ ~everyone panics~ See, Quirrell's
cool. I believe he's gonna be on my favorite character list soon. And
that is my FAVORITE scene out of the whole movie.

Alan Rickman.... I'll keep this to a bare minimum. HE'S HOT. Very
bad, very sarcastic, and very very sexy. ~drool~ ~points to Alan
Rickman~ Mommy, I want THAT for Christmas.
However, he could've been more evil. He actually sounded rather
concerned about Harry's health when he told him to go outside. Aw,
you know he's really a softie under that sallow skin and greasy hair.

Hermione cracked me up. I still think Emma's too preppy though. But
you could tell that she was ... acting. Hermione DOES lose it once in
a while. But all of her lines sounded so rehearsed. Like the 'Harry,
you're a great wizard' speech at the end? Hermione would've been all
panicked and flustered, but Emma just stands there all calm and

McGonagall looked WAY too old. She's supposed to be 70, but look only
40 or so. Maggie Smith looks like she's gonna kick the bucket any
minute now.

They butchered the end, with the Devil's Snare. And they took out one
of my favorite lines. 'But there's no wood!' Fluffy looked very
rubbery, and what happened to the flute Hagrid was supposed to give
Harry? Could Daniel Radcliffe not figure out how to blow into a
stick? . . . I'm gonna avoid any crude insults right now, even though
they're so EASY.

I'm still pissed off at the sorceror/philosopher thing. Why
couldn't WB just shoot the British version, and then release it in
the US without reshooting the 'philosopher' scenes? ... I want a
British, uncut VHS version.

It seemed too easy to find the book on Flamel. It took forever in the
book, and just like, an hour in the movie... okay, more than that,
but it was still too easy.

And did you notice the running joke? 'I shouldn'ta told ya that.'
About 5 or 6 times during the movie. Ugh.

Draco looked very hot in some scenes, but mostly just okay. I still
like Tom with his hair down better, like he had it at the premiere.

Slytherins and Gryffindors DON'T have Transfiguration together. Yet
there Draco is, sitting in the Transfiguration class when Harry and
Ron come tromping through. Hmph.

And where was Norbert? We saw him once. Once. That's it, then
Dumbledore comes and takes him away to a dragon colony in Romania.
~rolls eyes~ Stupid, stupid WB.

Overall, it was a good movie. A bit rushed though, and obviously I
like the book better. I'm only bitching about it because I love