2001-11-23 03:02:05 (UTC)


so i was sitting here watching tv and doing my homework and
my sister has come and taken the tv away. fuck.
i saw a really cute commercial but i dont feel like
describing it even. i'm pissed off. The stupid computers
aren't working. I have a ten page research proposal due on
tuesday, and I can't even fucking work on it. The damn
internet isn't working on the computer that's attached to
the printer. SO I came onto this one and tried to get this
article i need saved onto a disk from my email account. But
every time i try to save it to a disk, the damn thing
reboots itself. I would have printed at school today, but I
ran out of money. I spent like three bucks on printing.
They must be making a fortune off of print outs and photo
copys at ten cents a page. Bastards. We're students, where
are we supposed to get all this money from??
And of course I can only access the ejournals from school
because something is wrong with the server and students
can't access from home.
I HATE this. There are only seven days of school left but I
think I might not make it through them. Everything is just
making itself a hundred times harder than it has to be!!!!
I guess since I can't work on my research proposal I should
study from my Anthro exam on Monday. Grrrr...
at least I finished that other paper I have due on Monday
but it sucks. So, good and bad I guess. It's done, but it's
i wish things would get better somehow.