Visions Of Life
2001-11-23 02:48:53 (UTC)

Happiness And Madness All Wrapped Up In A Neat Lil Ball..

Hmmm... The greatest thing in the world has happened.. I am
getting published!!! Yay!!! *jumps up and down and all
around* I entered a poetry contest and am a semi finalist
and they want to publish my poem in a book that will be
released in the spring!!! =)

Hmmm... Now the madness part.. I cant even put words to
that... But I am slowly losing my mind... and I love it..

Ya know what pisses me the fuck off.. Writing and being
published is the most important thing in the world to me..
All I have ever wanted to be is a writer.. So I tell my mom
that Im getting published and she doesnt give a flying
fuck... grrrrrr!!! But she will talk for hours about how I
got a god damn A on my psych test.. Like that matters!!!
Its all bullshit! That shit doesnt make me happy but
writing does.. fuck..

Okay, Im calm now... lol.. kinda.. sorta.. nervous..
tense.. angry.. not depressed but insecure.. not alot..
just a tiny sliver.. hmmm.... ah well.. who the fuck cares

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