a little piece of me
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2001-11-23 02:43:46 (UTC)

damn it

today went ok, i guess. i'm still not feeling real well,
but my parents have been on my case about the migraines
again, so i just told them it's gone. i don't want to go
to the doctor again. they never help. and they cost way
too much. i think it's just stress. oh fuck, it hurts so
bad right now i could scream. i got over 12 hours of sleep
last night, but it's still there. ugh.

anyway, my brother is being such a pain about letting me on
here. i only have a few more minutes, so i won't get to
talk to brett again tonight. this is the longest i've gone
without talking to him! it's torture! i guess it's good
that we have a little break. i don't want brett to get
tired of talking to me. god, i miss him so much. i would
be fine if i could at least say hi, but noooo. matthew's
usually a good guy, but when it comes to his computer he
turns into a total bastard. argh.

well, i guess that's about it for now. i'm going to get
kicked off real soon. fuckin a. anyway, take care
everyone. heather, hope your wrists get better soon. wish
there was something i could do to help. take care, ok?