the ups and downs of my life
2001-11-23 02:18:18 (UTC)


well today was thanksgiving and it was fun.....i actually
thought it would be really boring going to casi's but it
wasnt....later she came to my house when dad wasnt there and
we played bball outside and inside, played jenga,racko
and went on aol im talking to ppl...we didnt know it was
pretty funny......right now i am talking to kim andd i
havent talked to her in so long.. i wisjh she wasnt
homeschooled but hey that was her choice... well back to
today....i ate alot at least i thought so but i never got
stuffed. on sunday i will have thanxgiving w/ my mom and
gram f b/c i didnt have it w/ them today......soo i have
practice tomorrow and saturday and i dont have it on sun or
mon...i like practice though..its pretty fun. well i
finished reading the 2nd Harry Potter today and tomorrow i
am going to get the 3rd one at the library i wish i could
get to go see the movie... i told my mom to read the harry
potter book and she really likes it which is pretty funny i
think.... tomorrow we r going to start decorating the house
for x-mas..i love x-mas i am glad it is right now
mom is spazing b/c my brother lost his watch at school a
week ago and just told her.. well i am going to go now..
man i hate when she yells :(