Blood and Chocolate
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2001-11-23 02:15:48 (UTC)

some scary stuff

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here! Wow I am so incredably disturbed! haha
! My Grandparents brught back a 5ft solid marble , hand
carved fountian that spins a solid marble ball on top from
china!!!! YIKES!! I am sorry but how weird is that ?! and it
gets worse !!! They keep it in their living room !!! and
guess what else ! They are leaving it to me in their will !
haha ! its so odd! lol ! but anyways ! OMG my sister is so
dead !!! I could strangle her with my own two hands!!! She
told my brother the biggest lies about me and my brother is
like black mailing me only none of the stuff my lil sister
told him is true!!!!! ahhh ! I am so angry at her !!!! she
is such a little brat ! I love her but she is such a brat
!!! well dinner was great !! yum ! I didn't eat much cause
I am trying not to gain much weight !!! but what I did eat
was great !!!! OMG ! my grandparents ( I love em but this
just shows you how rude they are ) ok we ate dinner over at
my great aunt and uncles house and well right after dinner
like 10 mins after my grandparents get up and say " thanks
we are going to leave now " and left!!!!! I was like ' omg
I can't believe you !! that is so rude ' but I kept my mouth
shut !!! but seriously my great aunt went to all this
trouble to make a great Thanksgiving , she called us up and
asked me my sister and my brother if there was anything
special we wanted for thanksgiving!!! she swent so much time
and they just got up and left!!! How rude is that ?? IDK I
just felt really bad !!! I love my aunt jean (yes she is a
girl and my uncle is a guy ! sorry but both their names are
guy names so someone asked if they were gay !!! LOL no !)
haha ! I have to sleep in the WW2 room tonight !!!! YIKES! I
am so scared of that room!!! Seriously !! There are all
these things like a gun from ww2 and a nazi sword and a nazi
(sp?) gun and stuff like that all over in the room cause my
grandpa was in WW2 !!! I am so freaked of that room !!haha
! I think I am going to take a a swim and sit in the hot tub
before I go to bed!!! :)! Yea did I mention my grandparents
live on a river have 5 boats , 2 pools, 1 hot tub, 1 steam
room and 3 computers!!! yea umm that would bethe result of
my grandfather owning a bunch of tv and radio stations !!!
Oh well !!! I love em!! they are too sweet ( odd ) but sweet

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