My Boring Messed Up Life
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2001-11-23 01:42:02 (UTC)

Welcome to my boring life!

Hey Hey~
This is my first time writing. I know this is going to be
boring and no one is probably even gonna care about what I
will write about, but I have to write everything thats
going on in my life. I would normally tell my so-called
best friend but she is too wrapped up in her boyfriend to
even care about anyone else. She is only 14 and she talks
about them being together in collage. But anyways just to
tell a little about myself (if anyone cares). My name is
Nicole, i'm 14, I have a BORING life!
So anyways hope everyone is having a good thanksgiving!
Mine was pretty boring, just hung out with the family and
ate, now im sleepy.
So anyways I found out yesterday that Heather (so-called
best friend) told Erica (Crush's older sis) our nickname
for Jospeh (crush). I was Soo embarassed. I know it might
not seem like a big deal but she always gets on my case if
I say anything about Kurt (her bf) so I don't think she
should have said anything. Kris is having major trust
issues with her too. I am getting so sick of Heather and
Kurt. I wish they would just go away and they can live in
their own little lovey-dovey world. I mean I am happy for
her that she finally is with him. She has liked him
forever, but she doesn't have to go and ditch her best
friends to be with him. Well anyways I think I am gonna go
eat some pumpkin pie. YUM YUM! Ill write more later probably

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