Crazy Thoughts
2001-11-23 00:51:04 (UTC)

Thanksgiving 2:The Aftermath of Dinner

Hey, I'm so stuffed! My stomach aches from overdoing it on
the stuffing. It's hard to believe that I ate so much food
and I haven't even had desert yet. I came back down there
because my head is starting to hurt too from all the chaos
going on upstairs. Like I said this is my escape from the
busy world we live in. I can't stand going about life
without a break, especially from family and wheel of
fortune (it happens to be on at the moment)
I want to talk to all my friends, but since I have msn and
aim and my cousin only had gay aol, I'm stuck on her s/n. I
can't even check my mail because my other cousin won't let
me get on his s/n because he's too lazy to come down here
and give me his password. It will be nice to go to sleep
tonight on a stuff stomach and in a warm bed, I happen to
enjoy sleeping on my cousin's water bed, it's heated and
soooo nice! I wish I had a water bed!! I need one! haha-I
need a lot of things that I don't really need (that's how
spoiled I am)
Oh, I have a shitload of homework I have to do! Actually I
only have proofs and I have to finish reading the stupidest
book I have ever read-Lord of the Files! Goodness I'm not
enjoying that book at all! I think we should read more
meaningful literature-like Eaters of the Dead by Micheal
Crichton (sp check on his name there, the guy that wrote
congo and jurassic park)But anyways the only good books
I've read this fall that are worth reading are To Kill a
Mockingbird and A Seperate Peace (I'm not a heavy reader or
anything, but I had to read those books for school) BUt I
don't really enjoy reading stories for school, I had to
read the Lady or the Tiger, which is a short story, well it
pissed me off because the ending left you totally hanging!
And she took no extra credit for writing an ending to it
although it was an option to do so...can you say BITCH! I
hate my english teacher! goodness!!
I best be on my way! goodnight!