Death's Shadow

Lasciate Ogni Speranza Voi Chien Trate
2001-11-23 00:47:44 (UTC)

I detest Thanksgiving

Eating turkey is what you do right on this horid holiday?
I hate to eat corpses of other animals. We are not starving
so we do not need to eat animals do we? If I where starving
I might think about it, but not now, when the US is full of
fat and over-fed people who waddle pointlessly around
complaining about how fat they are as if it was someone
else's fault. I am a vegitarian. I know, i spelled it
wrong, but do you care, you with so much time to check
grammar and spelling? I thinkwe as humans are very
barbaric. We eat other animals; I think humans are animals
too, if you wish to know. But if you object send me one
good reason why we are better than other animals. Please do
not say it is because we believe in a god. No one has proven
there is a god and we have never seen such a creature if he
does exist. Then you might aruge that the bible talks all
about him and what not, people, have you ever heard of
fiction? Fiction is false. False means not true for the
dumber of ye. Got to go now to not eat a carcass.