Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2001-11-23 00:39:58 (UTC)


I think I must have one of the strangest families!
Today was Thanksgiving, and it started out as any other day
until the meal. Everyone sat down at the table as
classical music played in the backround. Candles were lit
and the food had been extrodinarily prepared. At everyones
place setting sat a glass of wine. As we all began to eat
I noticed that I had never really drinken the wine that sat
at my placesetting before. I desided to make this
Thanksgiving a little more interesting. My dad was already
drunk from all of the beer he had had while playing golf
and my mom was on her way there. Kent my brother and I
began to drink the wine and before long all of the members
of our family were drunk! I thought it was so bizaar! Who
would have thought that a family could sit around drunk
togather. It made the whole experience rather easier to
deal with though. And, the comment that are usually made
by my dad did not seem to affect me as much....anyway I am
feeling pretty good right now I only wish I had a ciggerett
to finish off the night!