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2001-11-23 00:34:16 (UTC)

New Start.....

Hello... wellhow has my life been since the last time i
wrote in ya?? well not all that well. i really wish that it
could have been better im starting all over with
everything. an all new me. i think thats what i need
right now. Same people same everything, it can get kinda
boring. Except that i will never change ne of my friends
in for the world. I love my firends and family, its just
that some of the people at my school, people i dont hang
out with can kind of get boring. they are so nosey its like
dont see that this is not your life, this is mine. now
would u please just get the hell out of here. I hate it
the most when ur feeling bad and then everyone, even people
that u dont talk to, comes up and ask, o my gosh whats the
matter. I just feel like telling them did u ever think
that it might be you. They act as if they care. But ya
know i guess if thats the way they want to be, then so be
well i really dont what to say because my life has been
kind of LAME.

Well actually i did kind of meet someone. But i wouldnt
call it like meeting someone in a bf way. we are pretty
good friends, and i think thats the way im going to keep
it. i know i can do better. I think he just wants to be
friends ne ways. I mean i do like him and all, but i'm
just gonna wait until he comes up to me and tells me how he
feels, before i go out and spill my guts out. I've been
there and done that, and normally guys just runaway. I
guess its because its to much for them to take in. But im
not a gyu so i woudnt know. I just wish i can find someone
witht the same interestes and same feelings as me. Well
until that time comes i guess i will be alone. so buh bye
my friend

-luv shelley

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