All in the Night
2001-11-23 00:22:59 (UTC)


All in all, thanksgiving went fairly well today.
There were like 30 of us at my grandma's house so i got to
see a bunch of my relatives that i haven't seen for a
while... oh and eat turkey too. Yay!
I spent a really long time on the phone last night.
Chad called me and we ended up talking for like 45
mintues. It't really kinda depressing... I'm like the
Queen of short relationships and when i finally am in one
for over 4 months the guy decides to move 700 miles away.
He'll be leaving in January and coming back in late August
(really close to September) and every time i talk to him
it seems to get more and mroe depressing to think that i'm
once again in a relationship that's going nowhere. Then
Andrew called me and was in a really bad moodfor some odd
reason...i really hate being ill at people that don't
deserve it. So then CJ called and we were all on three-way
for like 4 hours or soemthing. CJ and i kept lecturing
Andrew on how his friends were going to get him into troube
and calling him a juevenile delinquint and a heathen, and
telling him that we were going to pray for him every
night. It was actually pretty hillarious at times. I
don't think Andrew evjoyed it though.
There's still this "thing" that's on my mind. I
really need some advice...i mean can a girl get some help
here? Feedback is always a nice thing!!!!! I told Cj that
i thought about what i said a few days ago and i thought i
was changing my mind but then i realized that the more i
see/talk to this person, the more i like them....c=i kow,
everyone is probably like "if you like them, why not tell
them?" Umm...let me see, b/c i have no clue how the person
would react, and he's one of my best friends...agh help
help help anyways, i'm out
ohhh, one last thing. If i ever say anything that pertains to
anyone who reads this, don't take it personal, i could just be in a
really bad mood when i'm writing it. It doesn't mean that i don't
still love you all ;)