The Nightshade Princess
2001-11-22 23:59:15 (UTC)

a corpse laid out for the feast

I despise the holidays. Inevitably, as family pours
through the doors of whatever house holds them, I shrink
back in claustrophobia. I only fear small spaces when they
are full of people. Somewhere during the festivities in
which I cannot ever take part, something within me dies. I
saw small group this day. Everyone brought something for
the "feast." I brought some tofurky, seeing as how no one
knows a damn thing about veganism, much less what I will
eat. It was just as well, for I detest being a burden on
others. I saw them gather around the kitchen in a circle,
praying to a god I never knew... or, since all Gods are the
same, they walked the path I never wanted to know.
I saw the tables set for a meal in which I could not
partake, the dishes full of meats, dairy, and eggs. I
beheld the no-longer splended bird resting on a shiny dish -
a processed corpse simmered in it's own fats and juices,
prepared for the company of carnivores. It still retained
some appearance of having been alive, but the dignity and
flames of life were gone. Such barbarism, to take life
needlessly, for the fleeting pleasure of a few greasy bites
and a bloated stomach. Such arrogance in thinking these
animals beneath us when WE are the murderers, rapists,
theives, when WE are the dishonest, the greedy.
The odours turned my stomach. Why is the fragrance of
partially decayed human flesh considered offensive, yet the
scent of partially decayed, heated animal flesh something
to delight in? I ate my tofurky, and really it wasn't
bad. I especially liked the jerky-like wishsticks (like a
wishbone, but edible and vegan). Hmm now I am hungry for
meatless jerky, grr! I read an entire book of ghost
stories in those hours. No one payed any attention to me,
which was a good thing... oh dear my fucking time limit is
about to expire. Adeau.