Crazy Thoughts
2001-11-22 23:48:54 (UTC)


Everyone is busy upstairs chatting, eating, laughing,
watching football, etc. Most of my family went to Spy Games
and Harry Potter this afternoon because we had nothing
better to do. I sat down here and burnt some cds before I
left. I'm amazed at how I used to take the fact that I am
so blessed to have the family I do for granted. While I'm
typing away down here in the dark cold basement of my
relatives' home, I can hear them talking and having a good
time. I assume dinner won't be ready for another good 15
mintues because my grandma is still making her last
finishing touches on the food.
I don't know why, but I've always really have enjoyed this
time of year. Maybe because it approachs as quicky as it
leaves, or maybe because I spend so much time with my
family. Either way, it's all good. I must eat now, later