mark my words
2001-11-22 23:34:44 (UTC)

i just forget about this thing!

here's a survey i stole from mashas diary.

*Name: julie
*Nicknames: jule, jewish julie, that short girl that thinks
she's black
*Screen name(s): jewel98960
*Sex: female
*Birthday: feb 9
*Age: 15
*Height: 5'1
*Is your hair long or short: longish (mid back)
*Eye Color: hazel
*City born in: philadelphia (yeah philly)
*Location now: south jersey
*Siblings: two brothers
*Parents: neil,janet, meg (stepmom)
*married/divorced: my parents are divorced and my dad is
*Who are your closest friends: kristin, kristin, and
lindsay, plus becky and tess from cty
*Who makes you laugh the most?: kristin used to make me
laugh so hard i would think i was going to die- still does
*Who knows the most about you?: kristin and kristin could
tell you ANYTHING about me
*Kindergarten: hmm i dont remember
*1st Grade: everyone was mean to me so i had no crush
*2nd Grade: see above
*3rd Grade: Bobby Ball
*4th Grade: Nick
*5th Grade: see above
*6th Grade: Jake
*7th Grade: I don't remember
*8th Grade: Steve
*9th Grade: I worshipped Jim and Wayne, and Mark too
*10th grade: lets see, but it's looking to be Mark (and
*11th grade: who knows
*12th grade: we'll see
*Rest of my life: I'll always want Mark and Bill...
*Do you have a job: i wish
*What are you scared of?: being unloved
*Who's your role model: kristin!!! i wish i had the guts
she does
*What store do you shop at the most: i love anything tommy
*Have you ever done any drugs: yup
*Do you collect anything: boys' names on my little black
*Day of the week: saturday
*Thing in your room: my christmas lights and t-shirt sheets
*Cousin: jess, 21
*Song: right now i LOVE "in the end" by linkin park,
bbasically anything linkin park sings i love
*Ice Cream: smores, and phish food
*Thing to do: sleep, play guitar, talk on phone, be with
the guy i currently want along with friends, smoke up
*Movies of all time: princess bride and billy madison
*Hangout: mike's basement, as everyone says, "it's the best
house ever!" and, quote lindsay, "my house is pretty chill
when my parents aren't home, isnt it?" yes, lin, it is!
*Favorite pizza topping: extra cheese
*Where do you see yourself in 10 years: clubbing nonstop
*Dream house: it'll be big and comfortable
*How many kids do you want: none, i dont like little kids
*Girl's names: skylar, paige, madison
*Boy's names: jackson, grant, bailey
*Sat through an entire Dawson's Creek episode: nope
*Been in love?: i have obsessions
*Lied?: yup
*Cheated on a test?: nope.... i take pride in saying that
no matter what i get on a test, I earned it myself
*Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes... i have cheated
on my current boyfriend with five guys , and i feel
horrible but i cant bring myself to dump him
*Tied your shoes together?: yes
*Eaten something with a lot of fat?: yes
*Had sex?: yes
*Worst Feeling in the world: loneliness
*Best feeling in the world: when you know somebody likes you
*Can you define love?. no
*Do you get along with your parents?: sometimes
*Are you ticklish?: yes very much so
*1st thing you notice about the opposite sex: looks! when
you look at someone, you don't see their wonderful sense of
humor or whatever, you first notice how they look
*Who is your best friend of the opposite sex?: i have a few
chill guy friends
*What do you look for in the opposite sex: humor, can put
up with my bullshit, looks
*What do you wear to bed: i usually sleep buck ass naked
*What's your bed time: on weekdays around 10:30, 11.
weekends, usually 1-ish
*Do you wish on stars: nope
*What's the last thing you do before you fall asleep:
think about guys
*How many schools have you been to: 3, not counting pre
school and religious school
*Vanilla or chocolate: vanilla
*Would you rather be hot or cold: hot
*What is your curfew: usually 11 but i can bend it
*Do you have a pager/cell phone: yeah
[FRIENDS. . .]
*person you can trust the most: kristin, kristin, and
*what is the best quality of a friend: honesty and fun to
be with
*Do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer:
yes i do
*Can you name all 4 Teletubbies: umm tinky winky, dipsy,
lala, po... i have a 3 yr old brother...
*Have you ever tried to kill yourself: nope
*Who do you really hate?: nobody, but i strongly dislike
some people
*What are you addicted to?: guys
*Do you like jewelry?: earrings... barbells for my pierced
belly button and tongue
*Do you wear a watch?: nope
*Did/Do you have braces?: got rid of them
*How many buddies do u have online right now?: not many! 6
*Who are they?:
*Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? when i
want to
*Out of all your friends & family, who do you think will
become famous?: this kid that goes to my school
*Do you sleep a lot?: yeah
*Are you a night or morning person?: night
*Who is the loudest person you know? julie
*Are you lefty or righty or ambidextrous?: righty
*When was the last time you laughed really hard?: when i
was at lindsays last weekend and we were play fighting, and
she hit me really hard, i ducked and said something in
front of EVERYONE that i NEVER should have said about
something between just us, and we both were about to pass
*How many rings before you answer the phone?: at least two
*Do you believe in God?: to a certain extent
*Do you believe there is one person who is meant to be with
you?: maybe
*What are your favorite tv show(s)?: sex and the city
*What color toothbrush do you use: clear with blue rubbery
*Is the glass half empty or half full: it depends on what's
in the glass (i'm keeping mashas answer b/c i like it)
*What is under your bed: bags, luggage, my old knex set
*Most dangerous thing you've ever done: i got my tongue
pierced in a texaco bathroom... i smoked five bowls and got
directly into a car with my mom...
*How are your grades in school: used to be great, got bad
*Do you believe in aliens? yeah... there are so many other
planets out there... theres gotta be some sort of life
*How much time do you spend online each week: tons
*How many times a day do u brush your teeth?: two or three
*Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: nope
*Do you button or Zip your jeans first? button
*Does life rock or suck?: it rocks and it sucks at
different times
*What do you think of this survey: its decent! i like
questions like, "what do you wear every day" and like "what
do you have pierced" and stuff like that