my mind is overflowing with crap!
2001-11-22 22:25:51 (UTC)

What can you see?

When you look at me what do you see?
Do you only see my smiling face,and my lying eyes, or can
you see what is inside my mind?
Do you see the insuccure girl who stares at the world with
open eyes. The girl who is petrafied of the future and
what it brings. the one who wonders about the decisions
she makes and how they'll effect her tomorrow. the girl
who feels lonely and unloved most of the day. who longs
for someone to hold her tight. If you can see inded my
mind why dont try to make things right?
Reassure me that I CAN make it. TELL me you love me, and
hold me tight. Did you know that I cry myslf to sleep at
You must admit, I put on a good show. I bet you never even
knew. My shiney eyes and toothy smile distract your
attention from my pain. You never even noticed, yet you
think you know me so well....