Sweet Child

Sweet Life
2001-11-22 21:39:30 (UTC)

New name, new life

Okay well, I guess we're starting new again. The thing
I like about these diaries is I can start new whenever I
want. Even though this time I didn't change the whole diary
& didn't erase all the entries I still feel like I'm
starting new. I want to leave the old entries here because
they have taken me through alot. It's memories. I can learn
from past mistakes. Look at what I did right & what I did
wrong. That way this time things will go better. I know I
will have the past following right behind me at all times
but in a way it's kind of a good thing because it's the
past that will push me to be better. So, where do we begin?
Well lets start off with one of the most new things in
my life. My boyfriend. Aaron. Yes, well things worked out
perfectly. I made my move & he followed. Last Wednesday the
14th, I told him that I liked him. It would have driven me
crazy if I didn't tell him. The best part of telling him
was he said that he liked me too. But at the time I was
still with Nathan. I was not enjoying being with him at
all. After I told Aaron, I broke up with Nathan. Not really
expecting anything from Aaron. That night Aaron called me.
We talked for a while. Then toward the end of the
conversation he just asked me. I said yes. How could I say
no? I like him more than anything. Since then things have
been going great. Let me tell you a little more about him.
He was a TA in my Drama class. I'm not sure if he still
will be next trimester though. We talked for about a week
before getting a little more personal. He's 16, smart, very
smart, handsome & of course the best. My mom likes him, my
family is all okay with it. My friends like him. And to top
all that off, I am happy. I don't think I have ever been
happier. He's just perfect for me. He told me not to run
away from him. He wants me to stay with him. I wants to
help me be able to love him. He actually cares. My gosh I
want to love him. He deserves it. One day I will. One day.
Well in the mean time, all I can offer him is now. The best
of now. I will do whatever it takes to make him happy. I
want to make sure he is always okay. Well both of us plan
on being together for a while. Now all I have to do is meet
his parents. I'm a little nervous but he said I had nothing
to worry about.
Now, overall I'm doing pretty well. Everyone basically
knows about Aaron & me. Which is kinda weird. I'm not
really an open person so I'm not really used to this. Aaron
is though. Which is good. He can help me get used to this.
I told him about beign afraid to love anyone. He told me I
had nothing to be afraid of. I leave my door open a little
more now. Not that I ever had anything to hide, just that I
was a private person. Now, it's like everyone knows about
me. I don't mind. In a way it feels okay, but I'm still not
used to this. Eventually I might be a little okay with all
this. Well I have to go because I think I'm writting too
much. Well I'll be back soon. Until then.