2000-11-15 19:07:52 (UTC)

Faith, Well this is my first..

Well this is my first entry. I guess you would like to know who
I am. I don't really like talking about myself that much, so here's a
short description of me: I'm 13. My birthday is September 1,1987. My
name is Dani (Danielle). I have brown hair and greenish brown eyes,
I'm short (about 5'1), I have a tan complexion. I guess that's about
it. I'm kind of popular at school. I have a boyfriend . . . well
sorta. I don't really know if we're together or not. That's the
thing. When we went out before (5 times to be exact), we wouldn't
seem like we're going out and he would never call me, except to break
up with me. We would only kiss. Well now he calls me and he talks to
me more and we kiss. He's single and I'm single and I don't know what
to do. I think that I love him, but I'm not sure. He doesn't seem to
love me. I know you're probably thinking "Oh little young girl, what
does she know about love?" Well I know alot. I know that there is no
love between my parents for one thing. Sence they don't act like my
parents, I see no reason as to why I should call them "mom"
and "dad". I feel more comfortable calling them by their real names,
which is Trish and Odell. Odell is always cheating on Trish, but she
keeps taking him back. I think she should let him go. They were going
to get a divorce some time ago, but it never went through. Well
enough about them. More about school. I have a lot of friends. I even
have a best friend. Actually, I have a lot of so called "best
friends", but are they really what they say they are? I only know of
one of my friends who is truely my "best friend". Her name is Nicole.
We group up together. She is always there for me, even when she's
pissed at me. Like take last August, for example. Trish got in a car
accident and Odell is over seas (in Qutar) and he said that when we
got back, we were going to move. I didn't wanna leave all my old
friends. Nicole and I were in a fight because everytime that she
would call me, I would have company and pay more attention to my
company. See, Nicole's lived a rough life. Her mom's more or less a
whore and so is her dad. Her parents never got married. She lives
with her dad. Well when she lived with her mom (which is about 2
hours away from me so when she calls me, it's long distance), she
would get in trouble for calling me. She kept calling me anyways and
getting in trouble for nothing because I wouldn't talk to her. Well
when she was in trouble for the calls, she would still call me. Even
when she was pissed at me. I told her what happened and she busted up
crying. We've gotten closer sense then though. Well, what I'm trying
to say is no matter what I will always love Nicole. Nicole's just
like me, she has brown hair, light brown eyes, a tan complexion,
she's short too. Her dad's just like mine, comsidering they're best
friends. But back on the subject of friends, I have a lot of those,
but not ones that I can talk to like I talk to Nicole. She knows
everything there is to know about me. Like when I thought I might be
bisexual (which I found out I'm not) she said maybe we should give it
a try. It didn't work out because we both agreed that we liked guys
no matter what. I couldn't tell those kind of secrets to other people
because they would just look at me and think "Gross!" but Nicole
didn't do that. Well I guess I can go now because there is nothing
else to say. I will write more later.

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