Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2001-11-22 20:51:32 (UTC)

Chlorophyll and Pistacios

I am thinking of a lot right now, however, I only wish
to address two things....the first being chlorophyll and
the second being pistacios. I know this must sound
completely dilluted.....but my life right now
I can honestly say that I can compare myself to a single
unit of chlorophyll.....everyone can. It absorbs red and
blue and projects green. I think we keep certain colors
hidden beneath our skin so that no one else can see them.
These are our hidden colors. Then there is that main color
that is reflected for everyones first judgement of us.
This single color can affect so much of ones daily life
that is can be sickening. The last group of colors that I
can think of are those that we expose only to those few
whom we feel we can trust indefinaltely. This group gives
some a small hint of the true person that they are with.
Now back to chlorophyll, besides the natural laws which
play major roles in deciding what colors are reflected and
what color aren't, why do most leaves reflect green? Why
does it choose to hide blue and red? And, who knows of
the colors that are hidden deep within it which no one has
ever found before. I don't know it just kinda makes me
think. On the other subject I was eating a pistacio and I
began to think of how it was very similar to many other
experiences in life which contain peaks and valleys. When
I first put the pistacio in my mouth the shell was still on
and I could only taste a hint of salt which when sucked on
would seep out of the main crack in the shell. I kept
sucking on it until the flavor was gone. Then I cracked
the shell open. My mouth was over taken by a rush of salty
flavor which i would refer to as the peak of eating a
pistacio. After the flavor left again the nut was all that
remained. To me that is the valley....I don't know I just
thought that it was a bit strange how two things which most
people refer to as insignificant and irrelevant can compare
to life. I think everything can fall into a
catalory...most of the time more than one.

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