Blood and Chocolate
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2001-11-22 19:45:42 (UTC)


hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here. I am at my aunt Jeans and Uncle
Hughes. So HAPPY TURKEY DAY ! :)! We went and visitedour
friends the Bussies and they got2 deer ! :( ! How sad is
that! Well I can't wait till tomorrow!!! Radio ! yes!!
haha ..... hmmmmmmm I am so tired we drove here this
morning ! yuck ! 7 hours in the car is way too long!!! My
cousins are here !!! I never getto see them so its pretty
kickin ! my uncles are watching the Packer game!!!! :)!
ONly we are loosing! :( !! That sucks ! I am talking to my
friend Dan who I met online!!! He is super wicked cool!
haha ! he is in a band !! how hot is that!? Aight well I
gotta bounce !