My Diary
2001-11-22 19:44:57 (UTC)

Thanksgiving Day!!

Well this is the first time i really have done anything
like this but ohh well. O.k. the food my grandma made, got
me really sick. It was soo gross. Everyone was giving me
crap because I have cuts on my arm and they want to know
what they are. I told them the cat scratched me. I don't
think they really beleived it. I don't want to be put back
in the hospital. I have a problem with cutting myself when
i get really depressed. They put me in the hospital last
time they found out and they think i am all better now.
Soo why not let them think that. Only a one person really
know's what happens in my life and that person i have a lot
of trust in. Anyways i got home from my grandma's house
and felt like crap. I think she sucks at cooking. how did
my dad ever eat that all his life?

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