Joshin Jane

2001-11-22 19:32:53 (UTC)

an emily survey

*Name: masha [jahova] chepovetsky
*Nicknames: smasha, mash, mashi, skank-whore-escort
*Screen name(s): mynamesmasha, daisy13g, smashabanana
*Sex: female
*Birthday: 4.25.85
*Age: 16
*Height: 5'3.5"
*Is your hair long or short: looong
*Eye Color: brown
*City born in: st. petersburg
*Location now: princeton
*Siblings: none
*Parents: michael and maya
*married/divorced: married
*Who are your closest friends: becky and casey
*Who makes you laugh the most?: holly
*Who knows the most about you?: becky
[WHO WAS YOUR CRUSH IN. . .][these are just my most
prominent crushes, not including boyfriends]
*Kindergarten: this 1st grader on my bus, i can't remember
his name
*1st Grade: John somethingorother, but he moved away
*2nd Grade: don't remember
*3rd Grade: Ben Newton
*4th Grade: Alex Kerr
*5th Grade: Eddie
*6th Grade: Jamie Tobin
*7th Grade: Nick
*8th Grade: Eric
*9th Grade: oh man this one was a long list....
*10th grade: Charles
*11th grade: i'm going through a phase where i'm crunching
just about every guy i ever dated or thought about dating
*12th grade: we'll see
*Rest of my life: Casey.....clearly
*Do you have a job: no, but i'm getting one with PRev in
the spring
*What are you scared of?: rejection
*Who's your role model: ashley branca
*What store do you shop at the most: i order from
abercrombie online a lot, but i don't spend money in actual
physical stores often, just restaurants and the kioske and
*Have you ever done any drugs: yes
*Do you collect anything: memories
*Day of the week: friday
*Thing in your room: clothes, board games, CTY memorabilia
*Cousin: mike, 25
*Song: changes all the really depends on my mood.
*Ice Cream: half baked or orange swirl
*Thing to do: sleep, chat, work out, write, sing, run things
*Movies of all time: jerry maguire
*Hangout: anita's car
*Favorite pizza topping: brocolli (but no-cheese pineapple
is the best pizza)
*Where do you see yourself in 10 years: still trying to
figure out what to do with my life
*Dream house: not sure yet, whatever feels right
*How many kids do you want: three or four, depending on how
many good names i can think of
*Girl's names: cassidy, spencer, finn, darby
*Boy's names: reid, wesley
*Sat through an entire Dawson's Creek episode: i don't
think so
*Been in love?: thought i was in love? yes....
*Lied?: yeah
*Cheated on a test?: yes
*Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no. but hey, when was
the last time i had a boyfriend?
*Tied your shoes together?: yes
*Eaten something with a lot of fat?: yes
*Had sex?: no
*Worst Feeling in the world: helplessness
*Best feeling in the world: hope
*Can you define love?. no
*Do you get along with your parents?: dad - yes, mom - no
*Are you ticklish?: yes....i am scientifically proven to be
the most ticklish/jumpy girl that leigh knows
*1st thing you notice about the opposite sex: it's shallow
but true....from afar, first thing i see is looks, but if
i'm noticing someone for the first time who i already know,
it would have to be whether or not they can make me feel
completely comfortable
*Who is your best friend of the opposite sex?: casey
*What do you look for in the opposite sex: flexibility,
looks, sense of humor, comfort
*What do you wear to bed: shorts and a t-shirt
*What's your bed time: whenev
*Do you wish on stars: yeah, i do
*What's the last thing you do before you fall asleep:
imagine my perfect romance
*How many schools have you been to: 6
*Vanilla or chocolate: vanilla
*Would you rather be hot or cold: cold
*What is your curfew: depends
*Do you have a pager/cell phone: yeah
[FRIENDS. . .]
*person you can trust the most: i don't really think of
myself as trusting people, because i've been through so
much that i can't even begin to regain my own trust
yet....that's what this diary is for.
*what is the best quality of a friend: honesty
*Do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer:
nope, i have three seperate little drawers for underwear,
socks, and bras
*Can you name all 4 Teletubbies: since when are there 4?
*Have you ever tried to kill yourself:
*Who do you really hate?: i don't think i really hate anyone...i
think my getting mad at people reinforces my rejections of some of
their qualities that i would never want people to judge me for
*What are you addicted to?: fantasy and music
*Do you like jewelry?: yes, it's it's simple
*Do you wear a watch?: nope
*Did/Do you have braces?: had them
*How many buddies do u have online right now?: 12/160
*Who are they?:
*Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? sometimes
*Out of all your friends & family, who do you think will
become famous?: i don't think any of us will.
*Do you sleep a lot?: no
*Are you a night or morning person?: night
*Who is the loudest person you know? julie
*Are you lefty or righty or ambidextrous?: righty
*When was the last time you laughed really hard?: when
becky and i were on the phone writing our quiz
*How many rings before you answer the phone?: as few as it
takes me to get there
*Do you believe in God?: no, but i talk to him and ask him
for favors anyway
*Do you believe there is one person who is meant to be with
you?: no, i think there might be a few.
*What are your favorite tv show(s)?: friends, gilmore
girls, will and grace
*What color toothbrush do you use: aquaish
*Is the glass half empty or half full: it depends on what's
in the glass
*What is under your bed: dust
*Most dangerous thing you've ever done: trust
*How are your grades in school: they're alright
*Do you believe in aliens? nope
*How much time do you spend online each week: a lot...i go
on to put up an away message so i can go work but i end up
just staying on and talking
*How many times a day do u brush your teeth?: two or three
*Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: nope
*Do you button or Zip your jeans first? button
*Does life rock or suck?: "it's yet to be determined"
*What do you think of this survey: i'm thinking there's
company coming in about 3 minutes and 26 seconds and i'm on
the computer in my bathrobe because i just got out of the
shower so i should go get some clothes on.