hello kitty cat
2001-11-22 18:53:04 (UTC)

I can't help you out of your mind

I'm listening to "My mistake".....
I'm all teary....I just read an email from Alex..she's
still in NYC..she loves it. I'm upset she ever had to come
here because she lvoes that city so much. She deserves to
be some where she loves. Me on the other hand...
Jason and I decided that if we're still
another year...We're moving to IL.
I guess I have to stop holding on to things. Even though I
feel like after all this it would be Me, Jason, Alex, and
Shonee..That doesn't mean that's how it will be..or should
be for that matter. It's probably one of thse false gut
feelings I get. So what happens happens. I just want us all
to be happy. Last night my MOm called..and she said she'd
talk to me after she talked to Ian..but she hung up before
she talked to me. Last night was weird. I don't even really
want to write about it. So I won't. I have no clue about
the direction anythign is going in.....NONE. But maybe it's
better that way. I have to learn not to hold on ......not
to things I can't hold on to. I'm so tired.