Queen Bee

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2001-11-22 18:50:04 (UTC)

me and my life.

can you even believe its thanksgiving? time sure does move
fast huh?it seems like just yesterday i moved in here and
met my friends or at least potenial friends. Like melissa.
the one person i can count on. shes alwyas there whenever i
need her. and she never gives me shit about anything i do.
she know all the crap that i have to go thru and i know all
of her crap and we're there for each other. shes the only
one who knows about the eating problem. and i know about
hers but we are there for each other.and i know all about
the shit she has to go thru and i never give her greaf
about the decisions she makes and she doesnt to me. now
neeta is on the one who tried to ruin me and donny but it
didnt work because she lied to me. one of my best friends
lie to me. just because she was mad. and she copuldnt have
said ya know im mad no she had to lie. why must people do
that. cant at least one person just tell the damn truth?
god she just cnat leave me alone i really dont want to talk
to her. god now shes going on about the 21 yr old shes
dating, cha right. i mean she might be telling the truth
but you know her and the lying. God why cant anything just
go right. oh right im melissa. nothing ever goes right for
me. sand evn if it does there is always a fall back.yeah
but who wants luck anyways, its way overrated.