Fazzy's Memoires....
2001-11-22 18:49:10 (UTC)

Happy Thanksgiving !!

Today got up around 11 am. And froze... ehehe Marco forgot
to shut his bedroom window all the way last night before
going to bed. So toook a shower and then got all pretty..
For whom ?? Marco doesnt know.. He just likes to feel

On the agenda today, I'm suppose to bowl tonight cause my
friends put me in a league with them, but sadly i ran out
of money and cannot pay the 12$ it takes to bowl. :*( Once
i get a cheque from Ontario Works i'll be able to bowl
again, but what will happen till then is obscur.

Thanksgiving, for the past few years this event has
become lesss and less appelling for me. Last year i was in
Montreal which i barely knew anyone, so that Thanksgiving i
worked a double 8 hour shift ( 16 hour ) to cover up for
someone that wanted to have dinner with his family. And
this year, being on my own, and having no money..
Thanksgiving was not meant for me.

I am stressed up and worried about my future. I'd love to
have someone to be at my side doing this hard time, but
halas this is not the case. I am single and not looking for
a partner since i dont want to be an extra weight on their
shoulders. I need to get my life back on track, and have
been trying for a while, but job are scarse here.

I now also feel replaced.. I feel a void inside me. Hopefully this
void will one day be filled with love and caring. But till then, all
i need to do is hope for the best.

Marco hugs everyone and especially Christy,