Squeeb's world
2001-11-22 18:45:12 (UTC)

Yay, found him

LOl, about 3 seconds after I finished that last entry
complaining about not having talked to my baby in a week, he
came online. LOL so of course I pounced on him- I'm so bad.
But I missed him. So we were making fun of one another and
stuff as usual. He was as funny as ever but not quite so
flirty- does that mean anything? Who knows, maybe he was
being flirty and I missed it- I tend to do that. Tiff's
usually the one that picks up on that. Yeah, speaking of
which- I am soooo suffering withdrawal from Tiff cuz I
haven't talked to her in a week either. My Lord. Oh yeah and
Tiff- enter that N'SYNC contest for me, k? And then if you
win, you have to take me, puh-lease? I NEED to meet JC. Ok,
back to my baby... so I was telling him how some person
keeps sending Kim these things on CrushLink and we're trying
to figure it out and he said that somebody's been sending
him them too. Grrr. Back off biotch! He's MY baby! But he
says he doesn't know how to work them so he just deletes
them. Good boy. The only one with a crush on you that you
need to concentrate on is ME (=
I'm listening to my N'SYNC Christmas cd and Kim got mad
at me cuz it's only Nov. Too bad! They were playing it in
the mall and I'm all like "I haven't heard that in awhile"
so I came home and put it on- yay!

Current mood: pleased
Current music: "Under My Tree" -N'SYNC