a brat
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2001-11-22 18:41:04 (UTC)

more crap

i like george a lot but i dont want to stay with him
because he does a lot of things that seem to bother me.
like being critical and the fact that he can make comments
on things but if i do he criticizes them.
i like him because even though we dont always get a long
and we're both very arguemantive we have a connection.
there are a lot of things that we have the same veiws on.
like we both know what it is like to be alone and not be
my whole life i have always been the black sheep everywhere
i happen to go and i struggle to fit in. i know that i am a
black sheep and sometimes i seem to be proud but when i am
judged by being different i hate it.
i know that my friends accept me even though a lot of them
happen to think that i need an instruction manual.
but my my family is wierd they are like no family that i
have ever seen because they are unique. they are wierd like
i ambecause we all seem alike with wierd thinking patterns
but i know that i am also a black sheep compared to them.
i may think like my family does but at the same time i act
nothing like them and i look nothing like them.
i dont know what to do. i have contemplated suicide before
because i dont want to deal with the shit that this world
always seems to give me but that was just a big mistake
that i learned from that i will never try again.
i have to deal with the world's b/s no matter what.
i seem to have a lot of anger always biulding up inside of
me so i have thought about anger management classes because
i have noticed that i seem to take the anger and aggression
out on everyone else . even if they havent dome anything to
me half the time i feel like they have when they havent and
i want to stop that because i am not happy withit and i am
sure that the victims of my [email protected]#hy rath are not happy with
it either so i have to find a new way to fix things before
they get any worse than they already are.