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2001-11-22 18:22:00 (UTC)

Patriot Pride

Wow whatta rush. Just got back from the big Thanksgiving
FTHS football game. At first Howell was winning 14-7, then
we tied, and by the end of the 4th quarter it was still
tied. Then Howell won the coin toss and got the ball and we
had an awesome defense and we were offense. So then we made
a touchdown at the very end and won the game 20-14!!!!!!!!
Everyone went wild. I saw Jessi Yoskowitz there...she goes
to Howell this year=( but atleast I got to see her. I saw
Amanda S there too, and Nicole Williams, i luv nicole, i
cant believe i havent seen the girl in so long, we used to
be pretty tight way back when. Umm....Brad was at the game
with his brothers and Dad. When I was walking back from the
consession stand with Kristen English he looked at me and
smiled, and that is very unlike Mr. Shy-guy Brad. So
anyways he had a green hat on and so I could see him from
far away cuz he's tall too, so you saw a green hat over the
crowd, hehe. I saw him another time after that and he
waved. Ahhh why do I feel butterflies?? I'm supposed to try
to forget him. Arggg. Anyways.....I'll get back to everyone
later.......Happy Thanksgiving!!!(Mmm I smell something
good cooking)