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2001-11-22 18:10:54 (UTC)

Winter Storm

It's become more than rain. Now it's rain and wind. Lots
of wind. There are gusts up to 50 mph. We've had electric
blips now and then as we lose the electric and then get it
back again. The good thing is that it is fairly warm with
highs in the upper 50s.

I spent the morning baking. I made a lemon pie for Owen as
he is the boy who doesn't like pumpkin pie. The turkey has
been defrosting in the garage refrigerator since Sunday
which should have been long enough. It's sixteen pounds.

In the afternoon I picked up Owen and got stuck in the
traffic. Apparently about 20,000 other people were also
trying to leave town for the Thanksgiving week-end. We were
lucky to move one car length for every time the signal light

So, the Thanksgiving week-end begins.........