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2001-11-22 17:06:47 (UTC)

Thanksgiving Day

Yeah, gotta love this day. Well my Thanksgiving are never
normal. I live near none of my family so it's just me, mom,
and my two older sisters. But they have there friends over
for the dinner so as you can imagine thats pretty fun. But
MAN would I love to punch my mother sometimes. She is
sometimes so fucking stupid. Don't get my wrong I love my
mom but, I don't know. Sometimes she does stuff that seems,
in an odd way, like shes just trying to be cool or funny.
Sometimes I think all her tattoos and her peircings are just
to be cool. I love that she has them and allows ME to get
them but lol I dont know.
No one is online. And me, being the freaky ass person I am,
am still online. It's not that I'm addicted it's that theres
NOTHING BETTER TO DO. As my mom puts it I need "people
interaction" so give me some fucking people and I'll
interact. Makes sense am I right? AND with all my friends
being from different towns and long distance to call what
does she expect. Maybe I'll just start calling them. "But
mom at least I'm not online, so what if your phone bill is
high, isnt this what you wanted" I love being a smart ass.
So yeah online right now is pretty much only one of my best
friends Sarah (Skivies as I like to call her) Shes the
coolest. SO any of you that read this and wanna talk to me
online you are MORE than welcome to I'm GreenEyez474 on aim.
And illusion474 on yahoo. SO TALK TO ME.
OK for right now thats all I have to say but chances are I
will right more probably later cuz my crazy mind has so much
to say. I love 184.
~Chelsea~ 14/F/Maine

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