Pylades yesterday reborn
2001-11-22 15:50:21 (UTC)

About buttergoosetables...

Behold, I'm back! It's been a while since last time, but
thats just because I'm lazy.

Hmm... Let's see, I've just found a swedish site that
analyses Disney movies. I've finally come up with something
to do with my meaningless life, I'm going to surf around
the net and discover pages that nobody else visits. There's
got to be a lot of those out there, doesn't it?

Come to think of it, you can say that about humans too, and
all other animals as well. Most of us are just lonely all
their lives and then one day when they wake up and discover
they've died it's too late.

It's beginnning to darken outside now, on the TV they've
promised rain tomorrow. Sometimes I wish the stars wasn't
that far away, it would be warmer if they were closer. Some
stars has funny names though, named after some scientist I
guess. There's other things with funny names to, sometimes
you don't realise how funny a name is until someone
traslates it.
That is the case of smargasbord. I wonder if the americans
realise how silly it sounds? Smargasbord. In swedish the
word Smar(which isn't spelled exactly like that) means
butter, and the word gas(which isn't spelled exactly like
that either) means goose. But, since the swedish language
is so sofisticated, the words means toast when you put them
together. The last word, bord, is the swedish word for
table. So, if you put all of it together, it could mean
either buttergoosetable or toasttable. I like the first one
the best.

I'm a bit tired now, so I guess I'll stop rambling now.

I bid you good night