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2001-03-28 02:16:03 (UTC)

Dear Diary, Well, it s been a..

Dear Diary,

Well, it's been a wild last few days......Master and
keli had a huge fight friday and she almost lost
Him......close enough to make her miserable and sure she
NEVER wants to lose Him........He's the most magnificant
specimen of Man a girl has ever seen........He's rough when
He has to be (thank goodness there are real Men left in the
world)........yet He truly cares.......He's been putting a
girl to bed the last few nights and she's actually
slept......still a lil behind in catching up, but
functioning bettter........had a good day at work......and
will call Him to be put to bed soon........ahhhhh, life is


p.s. Heres a couple quotes keli found while online:

The Gorean Master, commonly, likes a spirited girl, one who
fights the whip and collar, resisting until the last,
perhaps months later, she is overwhelmed and must
acknowledge herself his, utterly and without reservation,
then fearing only that he might tire of her and sell her to
another. pg 29 Nomads of GOR

"Beauty and intelligence are all well and good," I
said, "but the best slave is she who loves most deeply."
Magicians of 204